Here to provide you with a brief update on Algonquin Granite’s processing plant. We recently purchased a CNC tile saw to allow our team to keep up with the demand for saw cut tile, used for wall veneers, flooring and lobbies/entranceways.

This saw includes a full set of abrasive waterjets, as well as a work table, water pump, CNC controller, high pressure system and a cooling system. The equipment framework adopts the heavy-duty support system, which is rigid enough to ensure stability under long, high-speed operations. With a multi-point fixing mechanism length-wise, there is no deformation or displacement during operation, which ensures cutting accuracy. The acquisition of this saw allows Algonquin Granite to ensure our valued customers projects are delivered in a timely and efficient matter, exceeding expectations time and time again.

See below to witness our CNC tile saw in action!